Educate Yourself—Financially

I like to read. I started off with reading Comics from the Sunday paper, then reading those captions underneath the photos in the newspapers. I liked how the writer would provide specific details on what was happening and getting to know who those people were. Having a highly imaginative brain, I would picture how the characters in whatever book I was reading would look like, how they wore their coat, sat down, smiled and even wondered if they had strange habits worth noting.

In elementary school, my  mom would pack me two lunch bags. Bags, because that’s exactly what they were.

They looked kinda like the one pictured above, except that they were purple and had Dunkin’ Donuts plastered all over them. But they didn’t contain my lunch. One was filled with Hansel and Bingo biscuits and the other was filled with Zest-O juice packs. I listened to my mom when she’d give me instructions. I believed everything she said at that age. She told me that the Hansel and Bingo biscuits were worth 3 pesos per pack, and that the juice packs were 2.50 each. I have no idea how I sold my goods at school, but I went to school with a daily allowance of 10 pesos per day and came home with at least 35pesos to remit to my mother. I spent my daily allowance on a plastic bag of softdrinks and hotcakes.

For lunch, my parents would come by the school and bring us home for lunch. I sold my goods for a good few months till the PTA asked my mom to stop. Oh well.

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