Why I’m special, and not her

In a world filled with 7billion people, I can’t be considered as somebody special. I’m not a beauty queen, an actress or even someone who can influence hordes to support me. I probably can’t even win a popularity contest.

I’m just a girl, just like any other that you see everywhere. If you treat all girls the same way, you would never notice me.

You wonder what’s so special about me, enough for you to call me your girl. What I am capable of, every other girl is also capable of. Maybe even more capable than I. So why me?

Someone else will always be prettier, smarter, kinder and everything else.

So what makes me special to you? Living in this world isn’t a competition to becoming the best girl, but the moment you held some sort of affection towards me was the beginning.

When you opened your lips to utter your first words to me, you opened the possibility of hearing my mind speak.

It wasn’t me who decided for you to want me. I did not make you like what you saw. I did not make you like what you heard coming from me. I did not make you want to hold my hand or spend the rest of your life with me.

It wasn’t me who made me special to you. It was you who inexplicably found me to be special, which set me apart from all the others. I am special because of you.

Just like you are to me.

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