Travelling Solo

This is the first time in a while since I have hopped on a plane all alone. The last time was when I finally decided to work abroad. I got on a plane from Zamboanga City to Cebu City, stayed for a couple of days to enjoy the humidity of the Philippines, then got on another plane to Hong Kong. I stayed for a couple of days again, roaming Nathan Road and hitting up pretty much every 7-Eleven store for God-knows-what-or-why. I almost got on the wrong bus on the day I was supposed to get on another plane to Mumbai, then to Doha.

I’ll talk about that in another blog post. I might actually have to break that story up into parts.

Moving on. I’ve always liked travelling solo, having the freedom to do things, or go places without having to ask someone else. I was never lonely, even when I walked the streets of Hong Kong all alone, or when I had a meal at one of those street corner restaurants by myself. For a person, one of the most lonely times a person can feel is when he/she is having a meal by him/herself.

But I wasn’t. I actually enjoyed my time alone. When I first got married, part of me wanted to be able to travel on my own. I was actually longing for it.

Since we got married, we’ve only been away from each other once. He had to go to Dubai for a company-sponsored training program. I couldn’t explain what it was like. All I know was that I wanted to be wherever he was. I told him that a couple of weeks ago and he thought I was being coy. 😅

No, dear husband, I was not being coy. I’m too manly to be coy. I’ve never been the cute, flirty type. I’ve always been the scary, intimidating one. LOL. So if you think I’m being coy, just think of it as me being honest.

Travelling solo opened my mind to different cultures, made me interact with the locals, and gave me a lot of freedom. Some people would say I was soul searching, but no, I was just enjoying my time by myself while I still can. Now that I am with someone, I’m enjoying my time with him.

My solo time is over. I guess this must be God’s way of saying that my alone time has gone too long. So He had us meet and get married as soon as we could.

At the moment: Having some Burger King while waiting for Christine to show up. I wanna get some shut-eye already. 😭😖

Anyway, I have had my fill of solo travel. If I have to, I’d still travel on my own. But I have someone to be with now. I wouldn’t want to travel any other way now.

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