Day 3: Staycation

07 June 2017 — I was extremely lazy on this day. But at least I managed to update the blog. I decided to actually challenge myself and update the blog at least everyday, but so far, I’ve only failed. Since I haven’t done anything on this day but face the screen/s, I might as well write something. And this time, it’s just gonna have to be about the place I stayed at.

I was living in a room with 5 other women from different countries. The room had 3 bunk beds, its own toilet and bath, a wall dedicated to storage, and a balcony overlooking Palm Jumeirah.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever thought I’d even get to stay in such a place. I’ve always been such a cheapskate, sometimes sacrificing comfort for price. But now that I’m a little bit older, I start looking at how to get the best value for my money.

At this hostel, three young people (Valentine, Anastasia, and Denis) from Belarus took care of the unit. You see, I’ve only heard of Belarus whenever the Ms. Universe pageant was shown, and that’s not often. I only knew it existed, but I didn’t know anything else about it. So when I met Valentine, I was so unsure about his ethnic background. All I knew was that he was white with a really good, golden-hued tan. 

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Travelling Solo

This is the first time in a while since I have hopped on a plane all alone. The last time was when I finally decided to work abroad. I got on a plane from Zamboanga City to Cebu City, stayed for a couple of days to enjoy the humidity of the Philippines, then got on another plane to Hong Kong. I stayed for a couple of days again, roaming Nathan Road and hitting up pretty much every 7-Eleven store for God-knows-what-or-why. I almost got on the wrong bus on the day I was supposed to get on another plane to Mumbai, then to Doha.

I’ll talk about that in another blog post. I might actually have to break that story up into parts.

Moving on. I’ve always liked travelling solo, having the freedom to do things, or go places without having to ask someone else. I was never lonely, even when I walked the streets of Hong Kong all alone, or when I had a meal at one of those street corner restaurants by myself. For a person, one of the most lonely times a person can feel is when he/she is having a meal by him/herself.

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