Road Trips: Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

When you are an Overseas Filipino Worker, you find ways to keep yourself entertained, be not lonely and just live life. Some Filipinos choose to stay put, watch Tagalog telenovelas/movies online, some go malling with friends on their days off, some choose to stay at home and sleep the day away, and some choose to visit their friends and have drinking and singing sessions.

If you didn’t know Filipinos, you should know that Filipinos looove their booze and singing. 😂

We, on the other hand, take road trips. And the junk food that come with them. 😜

When we still lived in Qatar, there wasn’t much land area to get around, but we still went on road trips. We just literally drove around with no clear destination and just had pit stops.

Here in the UAE, though, there’s more than enough land area to explore for a number of years. A few weeks ago, we finally decided to visit the mountain road that we saw one night from the Al Ain Zoo. This is kind of what we saw from afar.

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According to Wikipedia,

Jebel Hafeet is a mountain in the environs of the city of Al Ain in Eastern Arabia. Al-Ain is in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, on the United Arab Emirates’ eastern border with Oman.

On a fine Saturday, we swung by the local convenience store, got some gas and we went on our way.

The trip to the base of Jebel Hafeet from our place took about an hour and a half, and for some reason, the husband was so high-strung and felt like messing with me all day. It was the classic “you can’t do no right” thing. Say one thing and he’ll be up in your face to tell you what you did wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I like it when he’s being playful, but when it’s him, there’s a fiiiine line between being playful and annoyiiiing. Ugh.

And I can’t even be mad, because then he’ll get mad.

When we got to the base, we stopped for a bit to take in the majestic view. The road to the top had parking lots where you can appreciate the view, take photos, even snack if you haven’t managed to go through all the junk food that you bought while on the way to Al Ain. 😉

You can find houses (to look at, not take photos of) along the road, and a hotel near the top, just in case you want to stop by for a quick snack and nap. At the top, there’s a small building that sells some cooked food and snacks. You can take a bathroom break here too.

I put together a short video of the trip, so take a look below.

If you made it here, thanks a lot for taking the time to read.

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