New Year’s Eve in Dubai

About a week before our wedding anniversary, I commented on how fast time flew, that I couldn’t believe that we have been married for almost 2 years now. He had this look on his face, as if I just said something that he couldn’t understand.

Duha ka tuig na diay? Sure oi, mura ma’g bag-o ra ta naminyo. (It’s been two years already? Are you sure? Didn’t we just get married?)” He said.

I stifled a laugh, because we were in a car on the way to Dubai for New Year’s Eve, and there were three other people with us. I asked him what he could’ve been thinking based on how he looked.

“Are you thinking that it really can’t be that long yet?”

He nodded. Well, he really did look confused at the time. So I gave him a refresher.

“We met at the office on February of 2015, right?”

He nodded.

“We first got married January of 2016, right? In Doha?”

He nodded. “But we got married again just last vacation.” He piped in.

“Which was on June 2016.” I added. “It’s 2018, January 2018. It’s been almost two years.”

Kapaspas. (That was quick.)” 😵

Fast forward to two hours later, we finally made it to Dubai. The driver dropped us off at the nearest available metro station. The Burj Khalifa wasn’t having a fireworks show this New Year, so we planned on going to the Burj Al Arab.

A fireworks show by the beach didn’t sound so bad. 😍

We took the Metro to the Mall of Emirates, since it was the closest place where we can hang out before taking a cab to the Burj Al Arab. We spent a couple of hours walking around and shopping a bit before heading to the beach.

We should’ve gone straight to the beach instead of hanging out at the mall. We had no idea the traffic was going to be that bad. We were stuck in the freeway’s intersection when it struck midnight. And when it did, the fireworks show began. People got out of their cars to watch the show. Some started recording, some enjoyed the show with their kids, while some tried to even go over the ledge just to get a good shot.

Just to give you an idea about how far we were from the beach, here are the shots that I took.

A few days before this trip, we talked a out booking a room, but somehow we just didn’t feel like pushing through with it. Right after the show, I started looking around the area for rooms, but they were waaay over our budget, so I looked for a room somewhere in Deira.

The price difference was staggering. We asked the cab driver to take us to Deira so we can get some much needed rest. At this point, we still haven’t booked a room online. A little over an hour of sitting in the cab and napping every now and then, we started getting restless. Then we saw the Metro still operating. He started to finally snap, saying stuff like “why didn’t I know that the Metro would be open after midnight, etc”.

I brushed it off as just him being tired because he came directly from work before we went on a car trip to Dubai. Plus it honestly didn’t make any sense to blame me because he was the one who has been staying in the UAE for two months, with the first half spent in Dubai. I’ve only been in the UAE for a week. 😅

We decided to get off the cab and started walking to the Dubai Mall station—which was closed. Since it was New Year’s Day and still cold, a lot of people were out on the streets, some in their NYD costumes, and some were just sitting around talking. No alcoholic drinks, just coffee. We started walking again to the nearest station. Before we got there, we decided to take a break. It was almost 2 in the morning, and we really could use some rest.

We got into a coffee shop, ordered some hot choco and cake, and went to the toilet. We cancelled all plans of booking a room and just decided that we’re going to take the next bus back to Abu Dhabi. I let him take a short nap before heading out. I actually woke him at the right time. The station closest to us had a malfunction and had to close. We were the last people to get in. We just needed to cross the street so we can start walking again towards the next working station.

When we finally got to board the Metro, I briefed him on which station we were going to get off before getting on to the other line towards the bus station. At the metro station closest to the bus station, I used my trusty phone to find Al Ghubaiba Bus Station. Google Maps told me to walk for 39 minutes. We stopped a cab and the driver just pointed to the other direction and said, “Station is there, my friend.” 😅

Looks like Google Maps is either having a hard time giving directions when it’s nearby, or it just loves to mess around.

We checked the schedule again and found the VERY LONG line for people going to Abu Dhabi. We asked around again and were told that we should be standing in line with the other families, not with the single people.

There were actually two lines. One line is designated for males only. The other line is for women/children/families. The family line was much shorter, but waiting for more than an hour in the cold was finally making me sleepy. When it was time to board the bus, his nol card didn’t have enough credit in it for the ride. The conductor told him to top-up then come back. The good thing about these people is how considerable and tolerant they are. People make mistakes, and choosing to solve the problem than blowing things out of proportion is a good thing.

But of course, there are superficial mistakes and there are mistakes that need punishment.

Anyway, the bus trip to Abu Dhabi wasn’t too eventful. We slept through the ride, and when we got to the bus station, we rode another bus to home. By 9 in the morning, we were both finally tucked in bed.

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