How to get an eVisa to Georgia (with Screenshots)

Being Filipino, I have to get visas to countries that I want to visit every so often. This time, it’s Georgia. It’s a good thing the Georgian government made it so easy to apply for one. Applying for one is different from actually getting one though.

Before going through with applying for an eVisa, buy yourself some travel insurance here. You won’t be issued an eVisa without one.

Click here to see if you’re exempted from getting an eVisa.

Here we go.

Step 1. Go to this site and click on the Application button.

Step 2. Fill out the necessary fields.

Step 3. Make sure you have a scanned copy of your passport and a photo with the following requirements.

Step 4. Pick your travel date. The visa costs 20 USD.

Step 5. Tick the invisible boxes on the left of each term and condition. I used Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, it comes up the same. And I didn’t want to download Mozilla Firefox or Safari either.

Step 6. Fill out the necessary fields. If you have a hyphenated surname like I do, just stick them together. There are more boxes that can be ticked on this page, and it allows you to apply for multiple visas, provided that you are traveling with companions.

Step 7. Upload your photo, passport copy and wait. A verification page with all your details should come on the next page. Click Verify.

Step 8. You’re done!

The eVisa takes at least 5 working days to process, so make sure you applied a week before traveling, at the most. After 5 days, this is what you get.

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