Day 4: Deira City Center and the Pool

08 June 2017 — My day started off with some good breakfast. Really good breakfast, as a matter of fact. Best breakfast I’ve actually had in a hostel. You may have read from a previous entry about the hostel. So for this morning, I had this lovely plate and some green tea. Just in case you were curious, that’s a sandwich made out of brown bread, cheese, and baked eggs, and ketchup of course. Sliced sausages dipped in ketchup and mayonnaise are amazing. I had some sliced tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and sliced oranges too. They served sliced bananas, but I didn’t feel like having bananas at all.

Since I was having a little sofa moment, I decided to take some pictures of the lobby and the view outside. We were at the 66th floor and I still can’t believe that there was such an awesome deal for this kind of living space. The husband’s birthday was coming up in a couple of days and I wanted to get him a present. Being married, you can’t just spend your money loosely, so giving presents can’t be a surprise anymore. Before I made the purchase though, I showed him some pictures, just to make sure that he was going to like it.

And he did. He really, really does love that thing. 😊

After taking photos, I went back to the room and got asked by one of my roommates to go to the pool. We went to the pool together, but she went to the outdoor pool and mingled with the others there. I stayed in and had the pool all to myself. If it weren’t for the person looking after the pool, I would have jumped in without considering the big wet mess that I was going to make. She even offered to take my picture, but I just wasn’t comfortable having my picture taken by somebody else.

Christine and I made plans to meet at Deira City Center for her boyfriend’s surprise birthday party. We’ve been talking about it since I arrived in Dubai and my role today was to pretend that I moved from the 66th floor room that I was renting to a 3-bedroom apartelle, just to get close to the airport.

While I was waiting, I managed to finally buy the husband’s present. When we finally met, she introduced me to her boyfriend and we stalled as long as we can while her friends got ready at “my place”.  The surprise went off without a hitch, we had dinner and I left when it was time for me to go. I didn’t get to take a picture of everyone at the party and there is no definite indication that I was even at that party. You know what people say nowadays, “Picture, or it never happened.” LOL

The day wasn’t too eventful, but it wasn’t a day wasted.

I had really small hopes for the DCC, since the entrance from the Metro’s exit didn’t look like much, but the mall was actually pretty decent. I had a good time browsing the stores and the bookstore that was selling books at a discounted rate. I wanted to get some ice cream, but it was still Ramadan, so that was a no. I guess I don’t have much to update on this day.

Thanks for reading this far again! 😊👍🏻

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