Day 3: Staycation

07 June 2017 — I was extremely lazy on this day. But at least I managed to update the blog. I decided to actually challenge myself and update the blog at least everyday, but so far, I’ve only failed. Since I haven’t done anything on this day but face the screen/s, I might as well write something. And this time, it’s just gonna have to be about the place I stayed at.

I was living in a room with 5 other women from different countries. The room had 3 bunk beds, its own toilet and bath, a wall dedicated to storage, and a balcony overlooking Palm Jumeirah.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever thought I’d even get to stay in such a place. I’ve always been such a cheapskate, sometimes sacrificing comfort for price. But now that I’m a little bit older, I start looking at how to get the best value for my money.

At this hostel, three young people (Valentine, Anastasia, and Denis) from Belarus took care of the unit. You see, I’ve only heard of Belarus whenever the Ms. Universe pageant was shown, and that’s not often. I only knew it existed, but I didn’t know anything else about it. So when I met Valentine, I was so unsure about his ethnic background. All I knew was that he was white with a really good, golden-hued tan. 

Most fit, white guys who lived in the Middle East usually have that beautifully golden-colored skin. Given the distance of the unit to the beach, I would say they were at the beach pretty often. I initially thought he was French, until Christine asked him. We found out that they were all from Belarus and that they were speaking in Russian.

Then he asked us about where we came from. We were pretty surprised, because Filipinos are found literally everywhere, and we populate a good chunk of the Middle East too. But no, he hasn’t even been near a Filipino before. He may have been around one before, but just never had a conversation with one.

The lobby, which normally would have been the living area, was spacious with four black sofas and two coffee tables.

They served breakfast from 7:30am til 10:00am and any food left over from breakfast is free food for anyone in the unit. They just put it in the fridge and people can take what they want. So basically, you can survive without having to buy food if you lived in the unit.

The dining area had a black table with four chairs. The kitchen had well-placed cupboards, an induction stove/oven, and sufficient counter space.

Being an interior-design enthusiast, I always look at how functional spaces are done. And I definitely recognized that every piece of furniture down to the matresses, were from IKEA.

IKEA furniture is cost-efficient, has great finishing, and is definitely made for small spaces. And did I mention cost-efficient?

I was given access to the gym and pool. I was supposed to go to the gym, but I was so lazy that day that I didn’t even notice the time. When I decided to go to the gym, it was already closing time.

Moving on, we did our own laundry. The laundry room had two washers and two spin dryers. It was the first time I used a spin dryer and I was super amazed by how dry and fluffy my clothes were after. Our machine in Doha had its own dryer, but they never dried like how a separate spin dryer can make them.

You’ve done well reading this far. Have a cookie.

Thank you for stopping by!

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