Day 1: When in Dubai

I arrived in Dubai on the 5th of June. It was just supposed to be a really short trip, just the normal getting out of the country to change visas and then come back. Simple, right? Not quite.

I spent the morning after my flight in the airport, waiting for the trains to finally start running, and posted an entry for the day. Before coming to Dubai, I made plans to meet with Christine, a young lady we used to live with in Cebu. I met her when she was still a sophomore in high school, I pretty much became a big sister to her and she is one of the best things that I had ever happened while I was in a previous relationship.

What to do on your first time in a foreign land? Find out how you are going from point A to point B, of course.


You see that little blue airplane dot on the top right corner? That’s the airport. And on the lower left corner where the Dubai Marina is? That’s the area where I will be staying. That’s about 35kms (21.7mi) away. Unlike Qatar, Dubai has its own Metro and Tram for commuting. In Singapore, you have to get an EZ-Link card. In Hong Kong, it’s the Octopus card. Here in Dubai, you have to get a nol card.

From Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, I got on the train towards the Nakheel Station. That cost me about AED 7.50. I walked towards Dubai Marina for about 20 minutes till I found my building. By this time, I was pretty much exhausted. My flight got in at around 1AM and it was almost noon. Since it was Ramadan, no restaurants are going to be open anywhere from between sunrise to sunset. Oddly enough, I wasn’t hungry at all. Actually, I think I may have overeaten at the airport.

At the hostel, I slept til it was time for Christine to arrive. We made plans to go out for the night and have dinner. She just came from a 12-hour shift and has been awake for more than 15 hours, so you can just imagine how tired she must be.

Yeah, we came to the Mall of Emirates to eat at Jollibee LOL

That night, we took the Metro to the Mall of Emirates station. From the Metro, you would have to walk through a connecting bridge to get to the mall. The walk took about 10 minutes. At the mall, we just pretty much had dinner and walked around. You would think I’d be doing something else rather than walking around a mall. Well, we did just that until it was almost midnight.

We missed the train to home, so we had to take a taxi. That cost about AED 34.50. That made me not want to miss the train again. When we got home, even the hours of walking didn’t make us tired enough to want to go to sleep. I  haven’t asked for permission to post my accommodation, but I don’t think I would need any to post the view.

The Palm Jumeirah

I’m gonna have to write a little better than this one. This was definitely one of the most boring journals I have ever written, so forgive me guys!

As always, thank you for reading!

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