Day 2: Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

On the first day, Christine and I just went out to dinner and just wandered aimlessly in the Mall of Emirates. I got to know the railway system, found out where I can go skiing, if in case I felt like it, and bought a few things. Overall, my Moves app registered a total of 14, 289 steps.

I would love to hit a goal of 10,000 steps everyday. And I think commuting around Dubai would definitely make you hit that with no problem. Actually, just walking around the mall would make you hit it. LOL.

Moving on, despite how late we got home, I still woke up pretty early. It wasn’t because I was uncomfortable in bed, but because I just got enough rest. I was going to have breakfast, but I was too preoccupied with my laptop and phone, that time just went by and I missed it.

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Day 1: When in Dubai

I arrived in Dubai on the 5th of June. It was just supposed to be a really short trip, just the normal getting out of the country to change visas and then come back. Simple, right? Not quite.

I spent the morning after my flight in the airport, waiting for the trains to finally start running, and posted an entry for the day. Before coming to Dubai, I made plans to meet with Christine, a young lady we used to live with in Cebu. I met her when she was still a sophomore in high school, I pretty much became a big sister to her and she is one of the best things that I had ever happened while I was in a previous relationship.

What to do on your first time in a foreign land? Find out how you are going from point A to point B, of course.

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Travelling Solo

This is the first time in a while since I have hopped on a plane all alone. The last time was when I finally decided to work abroad. I got on a plane from Zamboanga City to Cebu City, stayed for a couple of days to enjoy the humidity of the Philippines, then got on another plane to Hong Kong. I stayed for a couple of days again, roaming Nathan Road and hitting up pretty much every 7-Eleven store for God-knows-what-or-why. I almost got on the wrong bus on the day I was supposed to get on another plane to Mumbai, then to Doha.

I’ll talk about that in another blog post. I might actually have to break that story up into parts.

Moving on. I’ve always liked travelling solo, having the freedom to do things, or go places without having to ask someone else. I was never lonely, even when I walked the streets of Hong Kong all alone, or when I had a meal at one of those street corner restaurants by myself. For a person, one of the most lonely times a person can feel is when he/she is having a meal by him/herself.

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