Breakfast Pancakes with Nutella

When Ramadan started, it reminded me of how we spent the holy month in Zamboanga. In the afternoon, before Iftar, we would make some pancakes with flour, sugar and water. Then, you know those yellow pancakes that street vendors would sell outside the school? The ones that were slathered with margarine and sugar? The ones that smell soooo good? Well, I tried to start making those, but decided against it when I realized the amount of sugar involved.

So I decided to look for another recipe. If you’re interested on how to make this, stick around. 😉

This recipe is a base recipe for the pancakes that I make. I sometimes switch the flour for wheat flour, or add some chocolate powder (Milo) to the mix to make chocolate pancakes. Chocolate chips, bananas or blueberries make great pancake flavoring too. These are pretty much the fluffiest pancakes that I have made so far. I have no idea how the science works, but it works.

This recipe yields about 4-5 servings. 

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