2018 First Quarter Review

Well, whaddya know. Ninety days have passed, and it’s time to look back and see how it was spent. I’m kind of slow, procrastinate a lot and tend to forget things. That’s why I decided to create new habits and routines.

January 2018 habits

  1. I started bullet journaling. I used to have a to-do list, but I’m such a lazy ass that I’d just stop writing my to-do list after a few days. I write down everything that I have to do, future plans, events, and even shopping lists.
  2. I finally got back into reading—and actually finished a book. If you love to read, you’d eventually get to a point where you would say that you don’t have enough time with everything that’s going on. A reading plateau, and it is quite difficult to get over. I created a schedule. I made sure that I accomplished a task within a specific time frame. I needed to establish a routine that maximized my productivity.
  3. I started tracking our expenses again. It is VERY IMPORTANT to track your expenses to succeed in financial management.
  4. I started the 52-week Money challenge. It’s been 13 weeks, and I am just glad that the husband is so supportive.
  5. I started tracking my cycle again. I’ve always had irregular menses, and wasn’t really educated on the importance of gynecological health. With what’s going on in the world, it wouldn’t hurt to be vigilant and be as healthy as possible.

January 2018 trips and events

  1. New Year’s Eve in Dubai. Read all about it here.
  2. Dubai Miracle Garden. Read about it here.
  3. We had our second wedding anniversary. 😍

February 2018 habits

  1. I started going to the gym. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now and it seems I’ve hit a weight plateau. The membership fee was pretty sweet for a gym like the one that I go to, so I decided to sign up. I’ve been going regularly to classes and have been running and pumping weight whenever I can.
  2. I started planning our meals. I have always loved to cook and fortunately for me, the husband seems to love my cooking. Normally, we’d just eat the same thing the whole week, but that’s kinda boring, so I try to switch it up every few days.

February 2018 trips and events

  1. I signed up for secret classes. I’m not telling until I’m done with them.
  2. Global Village. That reminds me, I have to at least write something about it.

March 2018 habits

  1. I started tracking habits on my bullet journal. At first, it was just things to do and trips or events to go to, then I realized that there are some habits that need to be done consistently. So I created a table that listed my habits, e.g. bullet journaling, doing household chores, taking vitamins, going to the gym, etc.
  2. I developed a study plan. Like, I was the type of student who would fall asleep in class and just depended on her stock knowledge when exams came. I was not the smartest kid in school, but I wasn’t exactly bad either. I recently learned that listening to Mozart while studying kept my mind alert and that I can be very productive.
  3. I am teaching myself a new language. Hopefully by the end of the next month I’ll be able to speak more than just a few phrases or sentences.
  4. I am training my mind with mental stimulation games. It’s not fair to just train my body, but not my mind.

March 2018 trips and events

  1. Al Ain Zoo. I posted a short video a while back. The drive took almost 2 hours, but we still had fun.
  2. Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan Grand Mosque. Majestic. Simply majestic.

Wow, all of the above in just three months. To think that in just a couple of years ago, the only time we’d go on a trip would be on our annual vacation. Now, we actually make time to do the things that we do. We still laze around every now and then, but I think we have been pretty good at the productivity section.

We’re pretty excited to take on the second quarter. 😊

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